Recent Works

2016 - 2020

Welcome to my collection, the Beauty of Nature. The pricing and dimensions listed are for my original acrylics on canvas. Each can also be ordered as a print, a giclee or as the original if it is still available. I am so excited to share this work with you.  Please take a moment, relax and enjoy the views.

Peaceful Beach Sunset.jpg

      Peaceful Beach Sunset                              20"x 16"              $450.00

IMG_2574 (1).jpg

              Stormy Seas      

                   20" x16"          $450.00

         Washed Ashore    

                20" x 16"             $450.00


          Tropical Paradise   

                20"x 16"             $450.00



                     20"x16"           $450.00

          Serene Beach Scene

             20" x 16"           $450.00

hunkered down.jpg

          Hunkered Down      

             20" x 16"                $200.00

The dawning of a new day.jpg

       Dawning of a New Day 

                    12" x12"         $125.00